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Get Involved in Our Services for Children

Cancer has an immense effect not only on the children but also on their family structures and social interactions. Since the incidence of childhood cancer in India is on the rise, this is our attempt to help ease the situation in whatever ways we can.


Some of the ways in which you can get involved are:


There are many ways and areas that you can volunteer with us. Get in touch with us to know all the different ways that you can help the children and their families.


We celebrate birthdays and other festivals to give the kids a good time when they are in and out of hospital. We also conduct workshops on various topics like art, wildlife etc for the kids regularly. You could help host or organise any event.

 Spread the Word Around
 You could spread the word around to your friends and colleagues to get them involved and also spread awareness through social media.


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A small amount on a regular basis from a lot of people is more than enough to help us continue our work. There are so many ways to help.

You can sponsor a month's or a year's treatment, help pay for a birthday celebration or grant a wish. You could sponsor a family's monthly grocery expenses. The possibilities are many.
Donations to Aroh qualify for deduction u/s-80G of the Income Tax Act 1961. Donations within India are welcome.